Currently Playing: Tomb Raider

I’ve been enjoying Tomb Raider these past two days. The game is very well done, looks great, plays great, and has a nice story. Not much else to ask for in a single player game. Normally I hop in and out of single player games as I’m more of an online gamer but Tomb Raider gets me playing for hours on end. I’ll post a short review on my thoughts of the game after completion. Enjoy these beautiful screenshots of the game. Yes, it really looks like that throughout the game.

Quick Review: Watch Dogs

I have a habit of picking up a lot of games on Steam but leaving them lying around. I’m almost at 300 Steam games and have not played more than half of them yet. In order to fix this problem, save money, and make use of my library (there are a lot of good games I’m missing out on), I’ve started a new challenge to go through many of my Steam games. This challenge started with Watch Dogs.

I’ll talk more about this challenge at the end of this post but first I’d like to briefly review Watch Dogs. As most people should know, Watch Dogs features a vigilante hacker in a city running on one operating system. Every time I think of a city running on one operating system, I always think it is a bad idea. There will always be hackers and they will always find an exploit. Sure, you can fix the exploit but only after it has been used once. This can cause a lot of problems for the city as seen by Aiden being able to disrupt the traffic lights, shut off power, and even explode steam pipes. The concept of this game is very cool and fun to play out.

It does play out hacking a lot different than what it really is. In reality, you do a lot more thinking than typing when looking to hack into something. This is not something that would be fun for the target audience. Therefore, the game uses a puzzle system requiring players to connect power to access points and get past the firewall. You can think of it like those plumbing games where you need to make sure the water reaches the end by rotating different pipes.

There is a lot to do in this game but I just focused on the main missions with some fun driving on the side. I didn’t bother with the online portion too much but it is there for those that want to make use of it. Overall, the game is a lot of fun and I often found myself playing when I just wanted to relax and stop investing my full attention into games as is required for games such as Dota 2. It is horribly optimized so don’t expect to get as high frame rates as you deserve but with some modding (The Worse Mod Final), it can run smooth and look good. I would not recommend picking up this game for the full price but it is worth it if you get it for cheap. I received it alongside my GTX 770.

As you may have noticed, the above review is a lot less formal and structured than the ones over at OnRPG. This website is simply me typing out what I think without going back and editing too much. It will have these types of posts which I cannot feature over at OnRPG. If you want more formal, researched, and structured reviews check out my new author page:

The following spreadsheet shows a rough layout of my Steam Game Challenge with some brief comments about the games I’ve played. Use the chart tab at the bottom for a cleaner look. Spreadsheet

To finish it off, here are some screenshots from the final moments of Watch Dogs:

Cataclysm: Onto the next expansion!

I finally got to level 80 and moved on to the next Cataclysm expansion. My final exam is tomorrow after which I will be spending a lot more time playing WoW and Dota 2.


I really love dungeons that are open and not in some sort of cave. It makes them feel much more immersive.

Tank didn’t go AFK this time so we managed to pass this part.

Completed the dungeon by defeating Mal’Ganis!

Loving the new zone so far!

Arthas & Warcraft III

Once again I had a late night gaming session. This time I progressed further in World of Warcraft. I completed an interesting quest line and ran a dungeon that triggered old memories.

I put on my Darkmoon Faire hat for some bonus experience. I quite like how it looks and the firework effects.

The final objective of this quest was to kill many strong enemies and hordes of enemies. It was quite interesting to be able to use new skills on a huge character.

I loved this role playing scene with Arthas and his followers. I instantly started to remember the days when I played Warcraft III.

Mal’Ganis shows up with his threats.

Pudge is coming for us!

Unfortunately our healer and tank dced so we had to quit midway. Hoping to finish this dungeon soon.

Hacking to Discover Origin of Drawves

Unfortunately I have not been able to play a lot during the past week due to school. On the bright side, I have less than a week left and after my exam on Tuesday, I will have one month to play more games and finish up some projects. Possibly going to work on an Android game or application with a friend.

I did manage to play for a little while today.

I liked this quest since it was easy experience and was good to fly around on something different for once. I’m looking forward to farming more mounts upon hitting level 90!

I also tried a new dungeon. While the dialog was very long, it was quite interesting. The dwarf was trying to get into the archives to learn about the origin of his kind. It reminded me a little of the segment from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where they want to know the purpose of the universe and ask a computer.

The Darkmoon Faire is also going on, it was good to look around and get a break from leveling. Some of the mini games are interesting but I don’t think I’ll invest a lot of time into this aside from finishing each game once.

I’m looking forward to my break starting so I can quickly get to end game.